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Some notes about the Multiplication activities: The Group activities automatically accept your answer once the correct number of digits is entered. The Single Row activities require you to tap/click the '=' button or use the Enter key on your keyboard. Each multiplication activity consists of 50 problems.

Fraction to Decimal consists of 50 problems simplifying and converting fractions to their decimal equivalents. Repeating decimals should be rounded to the thousandth's place (3 places to the right of the decimal point). Denominators include twentieths, tenths, eights, fifths, fourths, thirds, and halves. Integer Addition consists of 20 addition/subtraction problems with answers ranging from -20 to 20. Polygon Names consists of 20 problems inwhich a polygon name appears and you enter the number of sides for that polygon. In Element Symbols, a name of an element is shown. You enter the symbol for the element. The first letter of the symbol is automatically capitalized for you.

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